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Sharing is Caring Paper Bound Book

Sharing is Caring Paper Bound Book


The paperbound version of thie book includes over 40 pages for you to document your loved one's medical needs, preferences, and history. 


Regardless of your relationship to someone with dementia, be it spouse, parent, relative, or friend, one of the hardest things about caregiving is knowing that the person you love is losing their quality of life. 

Sharing is Caring: A Guided Journal to Make and Keep Caregiving Personal is a tool to keep your loved one’s personhood at the forefront of the care-receiving experience.

Alzheimer’s Disease patients will eventually lose their independence along with their memories. When this happens, primary caregivers often rely on relatives and professionals to keep them safe. 

Caregivers in your home or in a nursing care setting may not know your loved one’s history. People with memory loss can be comforted by talking about the familiar, but caregivers need important background and context to meaningfully talk with their patient.

With Sharing is Caring in your home, every caretaker who interacts with your loved one regularly will have valuable information to:

  • Keep them safer.
  • Understand their medical needs.
  • Understand their abilities.
  • Comfort them when distressed.
  • Create conversations to keep them engaged.


The goal of Sharing is Caring is to improve the quality of life for dementia patients and their primary caregivers while offering tools to improve the care-receiving experience. We want to help people with dementia feel seen and loved in every stage of the disease. 

The 24-hour-a-day, 365-days-a-year aspect of caregiving often results in frustration, exhaustion, and impatience. Family caregivers must have help. Professional and volunteer carers offer necessary and skilled assistance. Sharing is Caring: A Guided Journal to Make and Keep Caregiving Personal will give all caregivers the background needed to see their patient as a person first.

Don’t let interactions between caregivers and care recipients be reduced to vital signs, medication, and hygiene logs, rather than having a relationship with the person who is still there.

Sharing is Caring will be a blessing for family caregivers, outside caregivers, and especially your loved one. Order your copy today for your family, or give it as a thoughtful, encouraging gift for any family caring for someone with dementia.


Order the paperbound version of Sharing is Caring.  You will receive a 8.5 x 11 journal to hand write the information most important to you.  If you would prefer the pdf form fill version to complete on your computer and print, please choose the pdf version.

  • About the Paper Bound Version $7.99 at Amazon

    Payment for the paper bound version is not required to check out on this site.  You will receive a download file that will link you directly to the Sharing is Caring purchase page.  You will purchase the book and pay through Amazon.  

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