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Our loved ones with memory loss deserve better. 

I don't think most people comprehend the intricate challenges and stressors that accompany developing dementia or caring for someone who is developing progressive memory loss. 


Since I have been helping my parents for the last several years as they manage the challenges of my dad's dementia, I have grown to understand we must seek additional ways to support caregiving families. 


This blog is my third effort to lend a helping hand.  My first project was to develop an app that simplified smartphone usage for people with dementia.  I've put that project on the back burner.  The reality is that I am a social worker and problem-solver first.  I hope to learn programming one day, or find a tech-savvy partner to make it a reality.  Or, maybe other teams will keep working to help maintain independence in communication. 


My second project is now available.  It's a guided journal to help families communicate about the personhood of their loved one.  I am excited to see this idea take hold and help more people with dementia build connections with the team of people helping care for them. 


Now, I hope to share the things I have learned.  through thoughtful insights, personal stories, tips, and reviews. I hope to share your stories and tips as well. Please be patient with me as I build the content and learn about your needs as a person caring for someone with dementia.


 My tenacious heart is with you as we each navigate this journey.  It is my hope that you feel loved, supported, and heard while visiting.

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