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The Tenacious Heart Project
exists to make every day
a little brighter for people
with dementia and
their family caregivers.

New Resource Just Added for Families in Mississippi!

We've launched Serenity Senior Home Safety Solutions to provide Home Safety Evaluations for seniors and caregiving families. Learn more by clicking here:

Get to Know Us

Join the Tenacious Heart Project to focus on improving the quality of life for people with dementia and their caregivers.   We will provide tips and techniques to make life a little easier.  We will offer product reviews and suggestions to simplify your shopping and decision making.  We will brainstorm resources to help you get to where you want and need to be. 

What is a tenacious heart?

Doing whatever it takes to achieve a goal.  Someone who is very stubborn.

Those are all definitions of being tenacious.  I have been called tenacious many times in my life, as far back as high school, I know.  One of my core beliefs is "over, under, around, or through."  There are some things that we must not give up on.  That's hard, but so is knowing which things in life we need to make that important.  When it comes to caregiving, I believe it's that important to love and respect yourself and the person you care for.  This usually means changing beliefs, behaviors, and learned reactions.  This change is not just to protect your loved one.  It is to protect your heart, too.

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